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Date Posted:09/03/2011 7:38 PMCopy HTML

From: MSN Nicknametin-lizzy  (Original Message) Sent: 3/14/2008 6:36 AM
Dear Members,

We are calling for your support in targeting You Tube to have vile material removed from their website. We don't just want to send one or two complaints, we want to send a bulk within a 24 hour period. Our target for the 24 hour complaints period is Tuesday 26th February. On that day, with everything in place, we would like as many posters as possible to flag the material and send an email of complaint.

We were directed to the You Tube site a few days ago, regarding a really vile piece of video footage. We were astonished that You Tube allowed this to remain on their site and be viewed. In our opinion that sends the wrong message to millions of viewers. The video was of Madeleine talking from beyond the grave, asking Kate why she had killed her. Then we noticed other footage, just as vile, accusing Kate of killing Madeleine. It appears that in allowing this material to be viewed, You Tube supports it. People are openly accusing Kate and Gerry of killing Madeleine without any concrete evidence. What is more disturbing is that by their actions these people are promoting hate behaviour towards the McCanns. You Tube's inability to effectively judge material before allowing publication on their website, is allowing people to spread hate and lies about the case. Whatever happened to human decency and the principle of 'innocent till proven guilty in a court of law'? You Tube should review their publications criteria regarding this type of material because, currently, it's a free for all.

Here is what we are hoping to achieve with your help.
*Find as much unacceptable video footage on You Tube as possible and compile a list. At the bottom of this email are some of the links to footage we have found so far.
*Encourage as many people as possible to register at You Tube for the sole purpose of flagging this material and then e-mailing them a complaint.
*As already stated, we are hoping to make our voices heard over a 24 hour period, so as to target youtube with many hundreds/thousands of complaints. The date is set for Tuesday 26 February 2008.

Here are some of the links to the footage.
WARNING . IF you are sensitive to this type of viewing DON'T WATCH the video's, you can just list the footage links in your complaint.

Your support will be very much appreciated.

On Tuesday, you go to each link that we have found, the list provided.
A....You then flag each video.

How do I flag inappropriate videos?
If you see a video that you think is inappropriate based on our Terms of Use (, you can report it to us for review by clicking the "Flag as Inappropriate" link under the video.
This is the reason you are flagging the video's:
1. they are containing shocking or disgusting content
2. they promote hate speech

B......Then you report multiple video's, do your e mail complaint.
How do I report multiple videos?
We encourage you to submit as many URLs as applicable within a single complaint. This helps us solve your problem more efficiently than if you submit multiple complaints.
Go to:
And do your complaints e mail.

The Find Madeleine forum is proud to stand alongside our fellow forums HTFM, Forever Searching, For Madeleine and Only Madeleine in the fight to rid You Tube of these vile videos.

Please show your support by registering with You Tube and joining in tomorrow to flag as many of these vile videos as possible.

Together we will show a clear message to You Tube that we want this disgusting material removed from their website.

THANK YOU for your support."
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