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TIME TENNIS  Tennis Records & CommentsOther Locations
 9.00 KM JT RMO
plus blonde lady in 40's
9-10 Adult classic 1

9-10 RFAP?
 Kate’s group lesson was at 9:15,
I think it was kind of generally a sort of women’s tennis lesson that had gone on, there may have been a partner of one of the other, of the other guests, there were a couple of people who were, who Kate and Rachael and Jane had played with, I, I forget the names. I’ve got this vague recollection there was a lady who, probably in her mid-forties, blonde hair,
 9.30 KM JT RMO
9-10 Adult classic 1

9-10 RFAP?
  RMOErm well I saw Kate, I chatted to Kate by the pool, erm in the morning”.
1578 “What time was that”?
Reply “That would have been from sort of, you know half nine, ten o’clock onwards

RMO  (May 11)At 09H45 she left the apartment and went to the swimming pool area where she read a book and talked with KATE until llH10, the time at which she went to the tennis courts since the lesson was delayed slightly. At that time her husband MATHEW arrived also to play tennis until about 12.10 pm.
10.00 GM JW Female
(2 females missing)

10-11 Adult classic 2

10-10.30 Adult Classic

On Thursday, 3rd May 2007, at 10 am I went to tennis lesson as usual and Jerry was there and a female. The other two females were not present. We again engaged in general conversation and played (?!) the lesson for an hour.

He went to play tennis at 1030hrs and noticed Gerry was there. He engaged in general conversation with him as well as a female member of Gerry’s group, but he could not name her.

Gerry’s an hour later
10.30 GM JW
(2 females missing)

10-11 Adult classic 2

10.30 MINIS
 he lives in Southampton, he was there with his wife and a young kid 
yeah, his, his daughter was having a tennis lesson

10.15 - 11.15 KM ROB - Rec Area When her lesson ended at 10:15, she went to the recreation area next to the swimming pool to talk to Russell until Gerry’s lesson was over

KM JT RMO Court area  - And present at that conversation were?”
Reply “Well certainly myself, Jane, Kate and Rachael,

the last time you saw Madeleine
Reply “Erm it was
when she was having a tennis lesson, in the morning yeah, about probably between ten thirty and eleven on the morning of the third of May”.
00.41.13 1578 “At the tennis courts”?
Reply “Yes at the tennis courts”.
1578 “Any particular court”?
Reply “Erm it was the one, if you were standing facing the courts, it’s the one on the left
I think”.
NOTE: Madeleine's group played on Tuesday  and all Mini's tennis was played on Court 2. Rachael is describing court 1. WHY LIE about seeing madeleine?
RMO“Erm well I saw Kate, I chatted to Kate by the pool, erm in the morning”.
1578 “What time was that”?
Reply “That would have been from sort of, you know half nine, ten o’clock onwards, we were chatting when Madeleine arrived for the tennis lesson with the rest of the children from her group, erm I think that was probably about ten thirty, erm and Gerry was there then as well, I think he’d been having a lesson on the tennis courts I think, he was having group lessons, so I think he might have been having his lesson sort of up until then, erm so they were both there then and then erm Matt and I had our tennis lesson
DP FP MO Sailing Dave and I, taking out a boat together. And, and that morning I think Matt came out as well and he was on a separate boat,

 After Jane’s tennis lesson I’ll try and preserve it as much as possible, ‘I recall that one of the guests erm, a man from Southampton came up full-stop. ‘His daughter it was his three year old daughter, ‘his young daughter was having a this, it may be word perfect, ‘was having a erm
1578 “We have got His daughter was playing tennisReply “Well, yeah, his, his daughter was having a tennis lesson, you know, a kid’s tennis lesson
And I think that’s important, particularly, because of what the man said, if Madeleine was potentially being photographed by anyone, it was absolutely clear that Madeleine and E were not there that day
And present at that conversation were?��?BR>Reply “Well certainly myself, Jane, Kate and Rachael, 

NOTE: Russell (above) claims they were watching the mini group lesson at 10.30 - 11.00 and describes in detail.

Jane (below) claims they went to the beach and saw Madeleine and Ella.

Both statements are specific and a contradiction of each other

See below....

jRussell, me and Evie walked down to the
beach.I don’t know
where Kate went at that point, but she didn’t come to the beach with us
jDave and Fi were already down there and, no, we
metwe met Dave and Fi coming back, because they’d had their second, I think
they’d had their second sailing lessonthey said ‘Oh we’ve seen Madeleine and Ella on a boat down there’So then we
went down to the beach, erm, and Russell took out a kayak and I sat and just played
jElla and Madeleine and the rest of the groupthey were getting ready to walk back up to the, erm, tut, the
Kids Club
jI’ve got pictures
of Ella, of Evie, that’s about the first day I took pictures actually
Reply “So, yeah, so we had, erm, the tennis lesson finished, so I’ve had that conversation
about ‘Isn’t it awful you can’t watch your daughter’, blah, blah, blah, ‘You can’t film
your own daughter’. And then we walked down to the beach with Exx. So I think,
erm, I think we walked down, no, Dave and Fi were already down there and, no, we
met. Hang on. Sorry, I’m just trying to think.

(Contradiction corrected, it seems they did both but no mention of the beach by ROB when asked about seeing Madeleine)

jThursday was actually probably one of the first nice
the sun had more come out in the day
11.00 MO
11-12 Oldfield (YW?) Dan (L?)

11-12 Foster
MO 4078 “Did you play tennis every day?”
Reply “No, erm, no, I think, I think we tried to play tennis, because they two things, they do sort of organised lessons and we signed up for some lessons which got delayed for weather reasons later in the week, I can’t remember if we signed up for those straight away, because we didn’t do a group, we didn’t do a group lesson which we’d done, when did we do a group lesson, I don’t think we did, I think we just did, Rachael and I, erm, with, erm, with an instructor, because I think we felt we’d play sort of socially with everybody else and then we’d have, do some sort of private lessons rather than signing up all week. I’m not sure about that. I don’t remember playing any organised games with anybody else, I think we just had sort of three, sort of two or three, erm, proper tennis lessons”.
4078 “Do you remember when they were?”
Reply “Erm, I know there was one on the last Thursday, because it got moved over from Wednesday, because Wednesday it rained and Thursday was a pretty decent day for weather, erm, so it would probably have been, if I’m thinking it’s three, it would probably have been Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, but I can’t remember”.

MO -  I assume we made our way back from the beach, picked G***e up from Nursery and, erm, had lunch,

FP eleven, half eleven, that we were back at the apartment

MO - 
He was sailing until about 11h00 due to which he was late for the tennis class he had booked for that time, together with his wife.

RMO - and then erm Matt and I had our tennis lesson

RMO - until llH10, the time at which she went to the tennis courts since the lesson was delayed slightly. At that time her husband MATHEW arrived also to play tennis until about 12.10 pm.
11.30 MO
11-12 Oldfield (YW?) Dan (L?)

11-12 Foster
 MO Thursday is easier to remember for obviously reasons, but Rachael and Jane played tennis that lunchtime and then came back and Russell and I went off to the beach, erm”.
I went to the pool where Bridget was. I think Jerry’s wife, Kate was already there speaking to the tennis coach. They got really involved in a conversation XXX Jerry would say a joke (?!!!!, unreadible) and go ..

After which they all went to the pool. Both Gerry and Kate were present this time and spent the majority of the time talking with the tennis coach. The coach appeared to be talking about her life in general and both Jeremy and Bridget noticed that Gerry and Kate were listening intently to her. Jeremy thought this to be courteous of them considering they did not know her.



FP DP GM KM -Pool area

sat, erm, on, by the pool for a bit with Dave and then we saw Kate and Gerry and we just sat and had a chat with them.
12.00 12 -12.30
Anne & Jayne Jensen
FP DP GM KM -Pool area
we sort of sat about ten minutes and then, so Kate and I wandered off down to the, erm, Reception to get the kids, erm, Scarlet, Madeleine and Gerry and Dave went and got, went to the toddler club to get the twins and L***”
so when was the first time that you saw Kate and Gerry on the Thursday?”

we were just sat on the sun loungers by the pool, erm, just having a drink and Kate and Gerry appeared, we offered them a drink, I think they turned down, they either, they’d just had a tennis lesson or had a knock, erm. In fact I think, was it Gerry had had a lesson then and was going into length degree to Kate about his style of tennis and I was joking that Kate was actually listening to this and finding it incredibly boring cos it’s the sort of thing, you know, they, as a couple, they did have amazing sort of patience with each other than (inaudible), I wouldn’t have that with David talking to me (inaudible), so there was that joke, so yeah I think it was Gerry just had a tennis lesson and Kate might have been having a knock up, but they were in their tennis gear”.

RMO&MO had 11.00am tennis
12.30  LUNCH  Madeleine 12.25 KM
FP Yeah, that, that day, erm, I actually picked Scarlet up with Kate, erm, and I’m trying to think what the time, the times were

FP Kate and I walked from the Tapas area over to the main reception, (...) and she picked up Madeleine and I picked up Scarlet and then we walked back together

JW -At 12:30 pm we went fetch the little boy from the crèche as usual. Everyone left the pool at about the same time. I didn’t see Jerry or Kate.
At 1230hrs both Jeremy and Bridget went to pick up their children from the crèche. They did not have any interaction with the group again that afternoon

MO- I turned left and went down to the beach and went sailing for that morning. Erm, from then, I don’t remember, I assume we made our way back from the beach, picked G***e up from Nursery and, erm, had lunch, but I can’t remember where we had lunch that day, it may have been at Dave and Fiona’s by that point in the week.
NOTE: No-one went to Fionas for lunch, JT&ROB MO & RMO had lunch together -
MO -Subsequently the three of them went to the Payne apartment for lunch. He clarifies that he lunched there with the Paynes, their children and mother-in-law, and with ROB and JT. He does not recall if KM and GM were there
1.00  LUNCH  KM GM +3 - 5A
FP DP DW +2 Own apt Kids bed
about one, half one,
MO RMO ROB JT Lunch together
1.30  LUNCH 
1.30-2.15 KM GM +3 POOL
around 1.30pm, the children spent time near the club's swimming pool, supervised by the parents, for about 45 minutes,
FP- I was around, I was around the apartment”.
L&S asleep
2.00  LUNCH
DW & JT?

 1.30 -2.30 KM GM +3 - POOL  then they went to the recreation area next to the pool, as the children were somewhat restless, maybe tired and bored. They remained at this area for about an hour, maybe more, then they left the twins at the crèche next to the Tapas and both of them took Madeleine to the other crèche
FP mum had tennis possibly
she might have played a bit of tennis with Jane

MO ROB boat -and I think Matt and Russell had already gone down to do, to take a boat out a bit earlier
L&S Asleep

Stepehen Carpenter
DCF: Did you see Kate or Gerry on the Thursday 3rd May, obviously this was the day when Madeleine disappeared already mentioned in your statement.

SC: Yes, in the restaurant, yes.

DCF: Do you remember if you saw them before the evening'

SC: Humm... I think that we played tennis during the afternoon on Thursday.

DCF: Yes.

SC: I’m not certain, I remember that it was on Thursday that there were four individuals with whom we used to share the tennis courts, and I think that I mentioned this in my statement, I would say that it was on Thursday that we played tennis and I think that this was what we talked about in the Tapas bar.

DCF: OK, do you have any idea of what time you played tennis with Gerry'

SC: Humm... from two to four or from two until any time in the afternoon, I remember it coincided with leaving the kids in the crèche and picking them up.


DW &
 2.30-245 LUNCH 
2.30-3.30 Weinberger
 FP Apartment 
Madeleine 2.50 KM
A&S 2.45 KM
DP Windsurfing Dave possibly, sort of halfway through the afternoon, while the kids were still asleep, went off to do some wind surfing
L&S Asleep
E**a -Creche
MO ROB boat
3.00 DW & JT? 
2.30-3.30 Weinberger


3-3.30 Gerry  Dan
 around 2:50 p.m., they both had, once more, a tennis lesson, this time an individual one just for the two of them, FP Apartment
L&S Asleep

E**a -Creche
MO ROB boat
DP Windsurfing
3.30 -4.30 kids club
3-3.30 Gerry  Dan
 T7 Beach
MO ROB boat
DP Windsurfing
E**a -Creche
FP DW JT RMO Walked to beach
the kids would have woken up about sort of three, half three, erm, and I went down to the beach at that point, certainly with mum
Jane and, erm, Rachael also brought their children and we all sort of headed down to the beach”.
So in that group, yeah, me, mum, I think, as I say, I can’t say for Dave, I think he was already, had gone by then, yeah, Jane with, erm, E**a and E**e, well it would have just, it was just E**e actually because E**a was, would have been in kids club, and, erm, yeah, and Rachael with G***e”.
4.00  KM

3-3.30 Gerry  Dan
 we got to the beach about four o’clock
E**a -Creche
DP Windsurfing
FP JT RMO Sandcastles
 women and the kids really playing on the beach, you know, sandcastles and stuff
T7 Beach
4.30  GM Julian
4.30-6.00 Tennis clinic

4.30-6.00 Tennis clinic
 The lesson ended an hour later, at around 4:30 p.m. Gerry continued playing tennis with a guest called JULIAN who belonged to his tennis group, 4.30-500 KM Jog The lesson ended, at around 4:30 p.m - she went for a jog along the beach, for around half an hour
T7 Beach
4.30 ROB E**a creche
MO ROB - Boat until 4.30 Matt and Russell came back in and there was a bit of a laugh because Russ was saying that he saved Matt’s life

Matt must have got in, I’m sure it was Matt and Russ, about half four, erm, and then, about twenty minutes after that, maybe Dave
4.50 Dave had came in from the wind surfing.
5.00  GM
4.30-6.00 Tennis clinic

4.30-6.00 Tennis clinic
 T7 Paradaiso
FP-that group as a whole went up to the restaurant, erm, on the beach and ordered our, well the food for the kids, we didn’t eat, and we all had a beer. Erm, so, yeah, I’d say about five”.
five and half five. I mean, there was always a little wait, but not too long
5.30 4.30-6.00 Tennis clinic

4.30-6.00 Tennis clinic
 KM GM & Children -TAPAS  When she finished jogging, at around 5:20/5:30 p.m., she went to the Tapas area. Gerry was there, as well as the twins and Madeleine who were having dinner at separate tables
Her parents were required to sign the register when the meal was over, at around 5.30 p.m

(Madeleine-Kate signed 5.30 / A&S Kate signed 5.25)

She (Madeleine) asked Kate to carry her back to the apartment. Kate agreed, and Gerry led the twins back to the apartment, as well
5.40-600 KM GM & Children 5A
After the 5pm dinner, they bathed the children, prepared them for the night and let them play for a while at a playground next to the tennis courts, still and always under parental supervision. At around 8pm, the children were put to bed
T7 - Paradaiso
6.00  GM
6.00-7.30 Mens Social

6.00-7.30 Mens Social
 Gerry had an all-male tennis game at 6:00 p.m.

When David returned from the beach he was with Gerry at the tennis courts, and it was Gerry who asked him to help Kate with taking the children to the recreation area, which had been arranged but did not take place.

MO -Reply “I know we played social tennis with the men in the evening, erm, on that Thursday and we actually, because there weren’t that many people around, erm, and we actually asked them whether they could move the tennis forward so they could go to the social tennis, because it was actually later and it would have gone across bath time so at least half of us wouldn’t have been able to, erm, wouldn’t have been able to go, so they actually moved it forward and I think they moved it to six o’clock from either seven or six thirty, I think we’d asked for it to actually be moved to five thirty but it wasn’t obviously fair on everybody else, in terms of guests, so they didn’t move it completely forward, but they certainly moved it forward by at least half an hour”.
00.21.49 4078 “And that as on the Thursday?”
Reply “They moved it for ever night, erm, but, erm, the Thursday I remember because it was the men’s social and we didn’t think we were going to be able to, to get there because we were already a bit late down the beach, but we’d had sort of a bit of free time, we’d already had our sort of time off child care, if you like, and we didn’t know whether the girls were going to give us a pass to do it, but they did late, so we ended up going to it, but sort of quite late for it, we were pretty late by the time”.

 KM 5A
 5.30-6.15 -T7 - Paradaiso

I think me and Matt went straight to the, the courts, Dave went off to his apartment and I believe, erm, to Gerry and Kate’s apartment as well. Erm, we then went down to the tennis, erm, it had already started because we were a little late, erm, and, erm, there was Gerry, Dan and a number of other male guests,

I went up to the social tennis around 18:00hours with Matt I think David went to the apartment and then up to Gerry's

The kids came up with Jane, Fiona and Rachael from the beach
, but not the MC CANN'S children I presume that they were at the apartment.
fp - so I think they left probably about, you know, that being Matt and Dave and Russell, around five to six, six o’clock time. And the, you know, the wives stayed behind with the kids, they had ice cream and then we followed on about ten past six and we just walked back up to, to watch them play a bit of tennis and give the kids, you know, a little playtime.

 we left the beach at around sort of just after six, ten past six, something like that, so we would have been back, it would have taken us a good ten minutes to walk back

after we had the meal we got some ice cream

I walked back err from the tennis courts, err back to err you know Kate and Gerry’s apartment

6.14 ROB DP MO Still at Paradaiso
6.36 - RMO JT FP Still at Paradaiso

(Approx 15 mins walk back to Ocean Club)
6.30  GM
6.00-7.30 Mens Social

6.00-7.30 Mens Social


MO ROB 6.45 -DP

another three, two or three people, whose name I may have known at the time but no longer do, I certainly didn’t know them terribly well. And we started off playing doubles on both, both of the two courts, erm, sometimes changing, changing players”.

DP -
According to her he then left for the tennis courts where Gerry was. The time was around 6:30-6:40 p.m.
As I understand it, there was a tennis tournament taking place the following day, wasn’t there, was there nobody practising or?”
“Well there was only two courts and during that time, because this was a set, erm, MARK WARNER tennis sort of hour”.

“You couldn’t book the courts for practice, erm, so both courts were, for that hour, the men’s tennis. Erm, so I don’t recall anyone else playing in the, you know, or practising. Erm, I think, you know, I, I, as I recall, I mean, I couldn’t say for sure whether there were other men there, I seem to remember there being a lot of focus on them sort of playing what they wanted to play, the, you know, out of, you know, Russell, Matt and, erm, and Gerry, you know, I’m sure they were practising doing shots and things like that, which is what they wanted to do, so I think if there had been other people there, they would have been having to join in with that. Erm, because I think, I mean, Dave on his camera might even have photos, I think I even took photos, erm, of them practising doing a serve”.

 FP-between six and seven as well, could you tell me where David was?”
“Erm, I can up to a point, yeah. He was, as I say, he left, as I see it, around six, erm, and then I wouldn’t have seen him again until I got to the tennis courts to see him play tennis, so that would have been about half six and then he was playing tennis for that whole half an hour and, as I say, we left him playing tennis, when me and my mum went up to bath the kids and he, he didn’t sort of return until after seven, ten past seven, quarter past seven, something like that, so, yeah, that’s where he was. And then the rest is what he’s told me, erm, again, I couldn’t tell you times, but I know before he went, went to tennis, he popped in on Kate and the kids, erm, and saw them all in their pyjamas, ready for bed, having a story, before going to join for the tennis, so I can only assume that that was between, erm, you know, six and half past”.
“So he didn’t tell you a period of time where he did that then?”
“He didn’t tell you the period of time which he checked on?”
“Well he said it was before tennis”.
“Before tennis?”
“Yeah, before going to the tennis”.
“And the next question is, okay, and you have just answered it. If he is not with you during this period then where did he go and with what intention? Well it is obviously it is to play tennis, isn’t it?”
“Although you can’t say one hundred percent, can you, if he was on the tennis court between six and seven, can you?”
“You can say he was there between quarter to seven and seven?”
“I feel I’m answering Dave’s question for him”.
“Because all I know is that he, he said to me later on that evening that he had been in on Kate and the kids. Erm, now I’m taking that as before tennis, whether it was that Gerry stayed on playing tennis and Dave came back earlier and popped in before coming up to our apartment, I, I can’t, I can’t be a hundred percent on that”.
“Erm, you know, contrary to what you’re thinking, I mean, huh, you know, we don’t”.
“I don’t think”.
“Well, you know. Dave’s, erm, you know, I believe that’s for Dave to say what he did really”.
“Sure, yeah”.
“But I know, I know he said”.
“It is your interview”.
“Yeah, I know he said he’d been in there”.
“Erm, and that was before coming back to our apartment, so between, between six and seven o’clock”.
“Yeah. If you don’t know you don’t know”.
“That is the answer really, isn’t it?”

 6.40 -KM Shower Kate had a shower which lasted around 5 minutes. After showering, at around 6:30/6:40 p.m.
6.40- DP at 5A She saw that it was David Payne, because he called out and had opened the door slightly
David was at the apartment for around 30 seconds, he didn’t even actually enter the flat, he remained at the balcony door

Kate’s about six thirty, err and I went into their apartment through the patio doors

fp- after tennis he’d said he’d checked on Kate and the kids before going to tennis

DAN MO DP ROB‘Dan the tennis coach was also present, as were a handful of other male guests’. ‘And Gerry’, for that matter, it doesn’t, doesn’t explicitly say that Gerry was playing some tennis, which he was (. )‘as were Dave, Matt

So there is Gerry, Dan, yourself and Matt?”
Reply “And Dave and a couple of other guests”.
1578 “You said Dave went to the apartment?”
Reply “Well he did, but only briefly
and then, well he went, he went back there and then, and then joined us, so fairly rapidly there was the full kind of compliment of, erm, of, the male adults within the group were playing tennis. And, erm, we played for, you know, a fair amount of time, I mean, in total, we were out there probably an hour and a half nearly
at some point during that period, erm, all the, the people came back up from the beach, so the kids were up at the, I can remember them being up at the, erm, the netting looking down at the sunken courts

Jane took our children back. I think Matt took, erm, G***e took, sorry, Rachael took G***e.
I don’t think we stayed there that long that night because the kids were pretty, pretty tired. Erm, I’m trying to think, I’d say probably by seven o’clock we were, me and my mum headed back with the kids to start bath time. Erm, and Dave, we left him playing tennis for a bit longer

7.00 6.00-7.30 Mens Social

6.00-7.30 Mens Social



DP left 7.10(fp)
 I left there, went and got my stuff, went back to the tennis courts and then err there was me, Matt and Russell and I think Gerry played a little, for a little while but he decided that he’d, he’d played enough tennis for that day and err was going back and so it left with me, Russell and err Matt and err Dan who was the, the you know the tennis coach from Mark Warner. Err so we played some tennis and you know we were having a good knock and then it was getting a bit late so err we, you know we left the tennis courts, went back to our respective partners to get ready to go out, you know it was, it was, you know certainly after half past seven that we’d, you know we’d left the courts, perhaps even a bit later than thatAnd I think Gerry actually left the court because he had been playing for longer than us,I think he went back a little earlier than me, Matt and Dave

Dan, the tennis coach, had also left before we did,
GM  KM 5A At 7:00 p.m. Gerry arrived

FP DW -Bath time
DP  7.10 Apartment
I’d say probably by seven o’clock we were, me and my mum headed back with the kids to start bath time. Erm, and Dave, we left him playing tennis for a bit longer. Erm, I think we’d bathed the kids by the time he got back, probably ten minutes later
I’d say, if we came back about seven, he was about ten minutes after that, so about ten past seven, quarter past seven, something like that”.

How did that come into your conversation?”
Because he was saying how angelic they all looked and he said to Kate when we all sat down at the Tapas table as well and he was sort of joking how they looked like perfect children, because they were all sat there, all clean in their pyjamas, having a story”.
Yeah. But when did he, specifically, when did he tell you?”
“I think it was when we were getting the kids ready for bed and we were back in our apartment
7.30 MO DP ROB GM  KM 5A
we had to take all of the rackets and b*lls back with us, so, you know, it was relatively late. And I’m not entirely sure what time I got back to, to the room, but, you know, well eventually, me, Matt and Dave all came back.
Dan, the tennis coach, had also left before we did, 

I’d say it was probably coming up to, you know, not
, not far shy of eight o’clock itself.
DP DW - Apartment
FP Run -and then I went for a run that night, after the kids were bathed”... about half past seven”.
It was probably about a twenty or a twenty-five minute run...I would have been back by eight o’clock
DP DW Apartment
I got back to the flat around 20:00hours
FP- I was a bit late, because by the time I got back and helped put the kids to bed and had got in the shower, it was generally me that held things up for us that night, erm, in getting out the door”.

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