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   Gerry Kate ROB Jane MO  Rachael DP  FP   Dianne W 
 7am        the days were all the same
Concerning routines, he mentions that on Sunday, they had breakfast, between 7.30 and 8.30am at the Ocean Club, namely in the resort’s bar a few metres away from the apartment., (?)

The following day (Sunday), the children woke up at 08h00, the deponent and his wife having woken up at around 07h30. They got dressed and at about 08h40 they left the apartment going to the MILLENIUM restaurant, once more on foot and by the same route as on the previous night, but without the mistake referred to previously, arriving there at 08h45/09h00.

 As far as the routines are concerned, the witness refers that on Sunday they went for breakfast at around 7.30/8.30 at the Ocean Club, namely at the resort’s bar which is located at some metres’ distance from the apartment. On the following days, and because the bar was quite far away, they started buying food at the “BATISTA” supermarket, which is located on the same road as the apartment, and they had their first meal of the day at the apartment.
 . .  Every day they had breakfast at the Millenium

 ROB took El to Mini Club and she took Ev.
 In the morning, the group woke between 6.30 and 8am and that they all went on foot to the, "Millennium," around 10 minutes from the complex. That only Madeleine's parents, Madeleine and the twins had breakfast in their apartment due to the fact that they have three very small children.

generally, they all dedicated themselves to sporting pastimes.

In his particular case, he gave priority to water sports (such as sailing) and, then, tennis.

McCanns never did any water sports.

  Questioned, she said that on the day they arrived, her husband MATHEW felt sick with diarrhea and vomiting, a situation that lasted until Sunday morning.
(tapas Sunday night?)
 Concerning the remaining members of the group, normally they met them in the morning and went for breakfast together at the "Millennium" restaurant, after which they left their children at the Kids Club and the adults went to do sports inside the tourist complex or they went to the beach. The couple Gerry and Kate usually had breakfast in the apartment.
 9am  On the following days, because the war was rather distant, they started buying food at the supermarket, located on the same road as the apartment, whose name he cannot recall. After breakfast, the children were left at one of the Club's crèches, called the "Kid Club," where they participated in various activities such as painting, collage etc., until around 12.30, always supervised by several employees, in a ratio of one to three children.

The group did not all arrive at the same time, rather in a phased manner, therefore they were not all seated at the same table.

He thinks that MATHEW and his wife RACHEL did not take breakfast due to the former having spent a bad night with vomiting and diarrhoea. At breakfast the children again sat at the same table among the adults, and it finished at around 09h25.

The deponent, his wife KATE and their three children went to the OCEAN CLUB by the same route, where they arrived at 09h40, the deponent having entered the apartment by the main door, which was locked, collecting a bag with clothing and creams for the children, then going inside the resort area. The twins stayed at the crèche next to the TAPAS, which was for children aged between one and two, and then he and KATE took MADELEINE to the other crèche for older children, which is located on the 1st floor at the resort’s main reception, where they arrived at around 09h50. Besides MADELEINE, from the group, only Ella, the daughter of JANE and RUSSEL, went to the same crèche. The remaining children, being very young, stayed at the crèche next to the TAPAS.

Again he went on foot, leaving the secondary reception he turned right, went down the street passing the “BATISTA” supermarket, turned left passing the main reception. After putting the children in their crèches they went to the “BATISTA” supermarket where they bought items for the following lunch and breakfast.

  After breakfast, at around 9/9.30am, the children stayed at the resort’s childcare centre, called the "Kid Club", where they did various activities such as painting, collage etc. They stayed there until around 12.30, constantly supervised by several Ocean Club employees in a ratio of one for each three children. The witness stresses that within the crèche, due to the difference in ages, the twins were in one group and Madeleine in another, with separate activities.
  the first time thay made a reservation was on Sunday, not knowing who had made it. Asked if it could have been ROB the deponent admitted that that was possible, reiterating to not know for sure who had made it.
 . On the morning of the 29th, Sunday, they all went to play tennis except for Matthew because he was ill (vomiting and diarrhoea) and ROB.

The children went to the Club.

    on the first day it was RUSSEL who had made the reservation at the restaurant, she admits that as possible, although she cannot be sure which of the two (RACHEL or RUSSEL) would have done it.
 10am  While the children were at the "Kid Club," the deponent played tennis with his wife, went for walks, read and practised "jogging."   Gerry broke them (shutters) and they were repaired on the Monday; the incident would have taken place on Sunday.

 At 12.30 pm, the parents went to collect the children and had lunch in the apartment, given the fact that it had a kitchen.

At around 12H30, the deponent and KATE first went to pick up MADELEINE and then the twins, going to the apartment. On this day, Sunday, they had lunch on the balcony of David Payne's apartment with the whole group, including children, except for MATHEW, who was ill and at that moment was sleeping on the balcony of his apartment that was below and to the left in relation to where they were having lunch.

  At 12.30pm, they collected their children and had lunch in their apartment, as it had a kitchen.   At lunchtime, the habit was to meet up in one of the apartments occupied by the group to have lunch there with the children.

the couples usually ate it as a group in one of the four apartments, adding that the Payne's apartment was commonly used due to its larger size.

  They all lunched in David and Fiona’s apartment. The McCanns lunched in their apartment and then went to meet the others.

 After lunch, at around 1.30 pm, the children spent time near the club's swimming pool, supervised by their parents, for around 45 minutes, where they played, applied sun cream etc.

  After lunch, at around 1.30pm, the children spent time near the club's swimming pool, supervised by the parents, for about 45 minutes, where they played, applied sun cream etc.       In the afternoon, the children have a sleep in their respective apartments under the supervision of an adult. The other adults do sporting activities within the complex. After their afternoon sleep, the children return to the "Kids Club."
 After that time, the children returned to the "Kid Club"

They took the children to the play area next to the pool, where the playground is located, at 14H15, having stayed there until about 14H20. After that time they left the twins in the crèche at TAPAS, and either the deponent or KATE, he doesn't know who, took MADELEINE to the crèche above the main reception, following the previously described route. He clarifies that the children’s drop-off and collection times were recorded at each crèche along with the contact number and location of the respective parents.

  After this time, they placed the children back at the "Kids Club"    
  In the afternoon the children slept (except the McCann children) and afterwards they went to the recreation area.
4pm  Gerry Kate ROB Jane MO

 around 4.45pm, the children eat at the "Tapas," restaurant
 5pm After that time, the children returned to the "Kid Club" until around 5 pm, when they had dinner at the bar, under the parents' supervision. After the 5 pm meal, the parents bathed them, got them ready for the night, and played for a little while in the play area next to the tennis courts, still under the parents' supervision.

At around 17h00 the OCEAN CLUB nannies conducted MADELEINE and the other children from the crèche on the 1st floor of the main reception to the area next to the TAPAS, under awnings, where they had dinner under the supervision of the employees and, at times, of their own parents. Dinner ended at around 17h30, the time at which the employees’ supervision ended

  until around 5/5.30pm, the time when the children ate at a bar under the watchful eyes of the parents. After the 5pm dinner, they bathed the children, prepared them for the night and let them play for a while at a playground next to the tennis courts, still and always under parental supervision.     After eating, the children went to play in a playground in the complex, supervised by adults.
    At 17.00 the children went for dinner. Immediately afterwards, the witness, her husband and daughter went to walk on the beach. She thinks that the McCanns remained at the recreation area near to the pool and tennis courts, as did the others.

 Dinner ended at around 17h30, the time at which the employees’ supervision ended and the parents took over watching the children in the ”TAPAS” play area until 18h30. Then they returned to the apartment, the deponent opened the main door with his key and, then, the back door through which KATE and the children entered.


 Towards 7.30/8 pm, the children were put to bed until the next morning, when the described routine described would start all over again.

After doing the hygiene, the children were put to bed about 19h30,


.Between 19h30 and 20h30 they took a bath and drank wine, Portuguese or New Zealand, and a beer.

the deponent and KATE left for dinner at the TAPAS at around 20h30. 


They left the house through the main door, that he was sure he locked, and the back door was also closed and locked. They were the first to arrive at the TAPAS where everyone showed up except only for MATHEW, who was still ill. Nevertheless, his wife RACHEL showed up for dinner. Except for the situation described above, that occurred during lunch, he did not see MATHEW during the whole of Sunday.

..At around 8pm, the children were put to bed until the following morning, when the described routine started all over again. 

   At first dinner was booked each day having later been diarised as a permanent booking for 20h30 until the end of the stay.
 .around 8pm, the children went to sleep and at around 8.30pm, the adults went to dinner at the "Tapas"
At about 20.30 when the children has been bathed and were asleep, they all went for dinner at the Tapas Restaurant, near to the pool.
(NOTE: Including Matthew?)

On the 29th, 30th, April, 1st, 2nd and 3rd May they always dined at the Tapas restaurant

 Dinner ended at around 23h00, and during this period, every half-hour, the deponent and KATE went, alternately, to the apartment to confirm that all was well with the children. On that day, only the deponent and his wife entered the apartment. He is sure that they always entered through the front door, not knowing if they locked it upon leaving. Usually they entered the apartment, in which one of the living room lights was on, went to the children's bedroom door, which was ajar, and only peeped inside, trying to hear if the children were crying. The shutters were closed with only two or three slats open, the window was closed though he is not totally sure if it was locked, and the curtains drawn closed. Ten minutes after dinner ended they made their way to the apartment, going to bed right away.

 Concerning the monitoring of the children every half hour, it was inspired by the system that "MARK Warner" has and that it is known as "baby listening" and she had used this service in 2006 when they stayed at a holiday resort in Greece
  the interviewee states that during all the meals, he never went to his apartment or to any of the group's apartments, because he has an "intercom" and the signal carries from the apartment to the restaurant. The other members of the group went, randomly, every 20 minutes, to their apartments to make sure their respective children were asleep.
 11pm               from memory, the dinners usually ended at around 23:00, the time at which they returned to their apartments where they slept.
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