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Date Posted:03/30/2011 12:38 PMCopy HTML

OUTROS APENSOS: PDF FILE 13: Pages 54 to 56
Report pages 53 to 55.
Activations of the mobile phone (44)771-325-8795; Owned/used by RUSSELL JAMES

This number activates antennae of the operators TMN and Optimus.
The first activation that has a record occurs at 11:27:19 on 28 April, 2007
(antenna "Montenegro 2"), and the last occurs at 15:53:35 on 12 July, 2007
(antenna "Faro Bom Joao 3").
As happens with the records of Rachael, the records of the mobile phone of
Russel also present two distinct periods: one between 28 April and 17 May; and
the other between 10 and 12 July.
After the first five records made on the antennae "Montenegro 2" and "Aeroporto-
Faro 2", there appears, at 13:21:59, the first [record] on one of the antennae
that serve Luz.
On 29th there exist no records.
Up to the time of the disappearance of Madeleine, the mobile phone of Russell
only has entries on the antennae that present its action [reveal its presence]
in the village where he came to spend his holidays with his family and friends.
On the day of the occurrence, 3rd, there exists only the record made at 10:52:32
The first after the alert having been given happens at 8:13:19 on 4th.
On this day the telephonic activity from that time onward increases strongly,
almost entirely on the antennae that serve a Praia da Luz. At 19:06:02 Russell
was in Portimao, where his mobile phone activates antenna "Portimao Centro DCS
According to what is stated in pages 80 ff. of the case file documents, Russell
was questioned in the department of the Police situated em Portimao.
In addition to the entry referred to before, two more are made also in that same
locality (19:07:33 and 19:43:25).
Only on 5th do the records come back to Luz after the last one in Portimao which
happens at 9:28:36.
After this return to the antennae of Luz, only at 14:07:44 on 7th does one
observe a record outside that locality. That record occurs on the antenna
installed in the
[parish] of Aljezur, municipal area of Aljezur, district of
The records return to the antennae of Luz at 14:24:00.
Curiously, on this day only Russell and Matthew activate other antennae outside
Luz. The first activates the antenna referred to before, while the second
activates "Budens 1". If on the one hand the movement of Matthew to Budens is
acceptable, then the trip of Russell to Aljezur in these first days so soon after
the disappearance is somewhat strange, it not being that, once more to the
picture of Fiona Payne on 12 July, there exists an error in the data that the
operator Optimus remitted to the Police. There is an hypothesis of him having
made that journey, there being sufficient time for him to cover the distance that separates Luz from Aljezur (68 km.) at an average [speed] of 130 km/h.
Despite there being no other records from the mobile phones of the other members
of the group outside the antennae of Luz, there exist gaps in the times [of the
records] that make it possible for one of them to have accompanied him.
Therefore, accepting that Russell was effectively in the coverage area of that
antenna, then on this date the members of the group would already have had
access to a motor vehicle.
From the return until 14:23:27 on 10th, all the records were made on the
antennae of Luz. At this time the communication activates the antenna "Lagos
Marginal DCS 1".
Russell remained in Lagos until 16:17:20 (last record on the antennae of Lagos).
The registration immediately following is made on the antenna "Luz Centro 2" at
On this trip to Lagos Russell will have been accompanied by his travelling
companions Rachael Mampilly and David Payne.
After the trip to Lagos and the return to Luz, all the entries are made on the
antennae that serve that village, with the exception of the records made at
13:07:32 and 13:52:55 on 11th, which happen on two antennae that serve Portimao.
On this day Russell, along with other travelling companions, was again questioned
at the premises of the Policia Judiciaria in Portimao.
The record that succeeds the last in Portimao was made on the repeater "Luz 2"
at 20:04:40.
From that return of the records in Luz, until 17th, all take place on the
antennae that serve that locality. On this day the records begin at 8:42:50, on
the antenna "Bensafrim 1", followed by others that reveal the journey that took
place to Faro airport, where [the phone] activates antennae that reveal its
presence in that place between 10:12:00 and 10:20:41.
On this day it appears that, except for the Paynes, all [the friends] will have
returned to the United Kingdom.
There exists then an interval in activations until 10 July. This is the day of
the return to Portugal, to be present at the confrontation with the arguido
Robert Murat, and the witnesses Fiona Payne and Rachael Mampilly.
[The phone's] re-entry to our country was registered on the antenna "Aeroporto-
Faro 2" at 15:18:36.
The journey to Portugal will have been in the company of Fiona, who also
returned to our country on this day. Kate will have gone to collect them. The
mobile phone of Fiona, close to the time at which the mobile phone of Russell
activates the antenna indicated above, is actioning that
[antenna] which is installed in the [parish] of Montenegro, while the mobile phone of Kate, of all
the devices of the rest of the members of the group, is the one closest to Faro
(Santa Barbara de Nexe), at around that time.
On his return to Luz, the first record of the mobile phone of Russell on the
repeater "Luz Centro 2" follows at 17:53:23.
On 11th, day of the confrontation, all the records were made on the antennae of
Luz, except that recorded at 13:18:21 on the antenna "Tres Bicos DCS 1".
After the movement to Portimao it returns to Luz from where it left on the
following day, 12th, making its way to the airport to return to its county of origen.
The last activation in Portugal is registered on the antenna "Faro Bom Joao 3", at 15:53:35.
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