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Date Posted:06/20/2010 9:19 AMCopy HTML

Processos Vol XV
Pages 3992 – 3995
(In English, amongst the documentation presented to LP regarding Gail Cooper’s sighting)
Summary of second statement of Jane Michelle Tanner (1 6/41/971)

Monday 30/4
Met a couple they know from Exeter, who were in the same resort (Praia da Luz or Ocean Club?) who had rented a car. Named as Jim and Charlotte Gorrod and 20 month old child.

Info courtesy of Stella

Here are the names of individuals who were booked under the heading 'clientes directos'. (still trying to find out exactly what this means).

Donald Bxrber FP09 (spelling as seen on lists)
Pennell W3H
Seven eye / Duane Wessels S708
Claire Randell BP03
Neil Ballinger W23D
Ian Pate W21B
Donald Booker-Milburn W24D

Here is a very interesting reply from jjp over on 3a’s

I think the term "Clientos Directos" simply means 'direct clients/customers'. People who. like me, when they know a good hotel/accommodation unit, prefer to book directly and then organise a separate flight.

Seven Eye/Duane Wessels is an interesting booking - probably absolutely nothing to do with the McCann case. The booking was a long term one for a single person - from 3rd March to 2nd May 2007. Seven Eye is part of the Seven Group which has a range of interests including asset management, vehicle tracking, temperature sensing, used truck sales and property management. Whilst Seven Eye is specifically the vehicle tracking part of the group I presume that Seven Property is most relevant as they seem to have property in PDL under their management.

<!-- m --><!-- m -->

<!-- m -->

Mark Warner arrival lists

<!-- m --> ... ge_334.jpg<!-- m -->

<!-- m --> ... ge_335.jpg<!-- m -->

<!-- m --> ... ge_336.jpg<!-- m -->

<!-- m --> ... ge_337.jpg<!-- m -->

<!-- m --> ... ge_339.jpg<!-- m -->

<!-- m --> ... ge_340.jpg<!-- m -->

These are pages 334, 335, 336, 337, 339 & 340.

If anyone comes across any others, in particular 338, would you be kind enough to post them up please, thanks.

The Totman’s arrived on the 28th for 7 nights and stayed in G4M

Mrs R Totman
Mr J Totman
Miss L Totman age 2
Mstr W Totman age 3

But there is a rather interesting comment at the foot of their booking which says;

Please note that activity list will only be showing 2nd week, but guest requires 2 weeks childcare from 28th April.

Now why would someone need 2 weeks childcare for a 1 week holiday ??? :s_bomb

The Edmond’s arrived on the 28th from LGW for 7 nights and stayed in apartment DP03.
<!-- m --> ... ge_339.jpg<!-- m -->

Mr Philip Martin Edmonds
Mstr Edmonds age 6
Mstr Edmonds age 7
Mstr Edmonds age 8
On the booking notes it says;

Client resides in Switzerland and will most likely be not taking our return flight. He will let management know upon his arrival.

Something is a little odd here. We know that he arrived with his 3 sons on a London flight on the 28th, the same day as everyone else. On the arrivals list he was booked in for 7 nights. But according to a fellow holidaymaker Stephen Carpenter, he was flying his children back to their Mother in Switzerland the following morning after staying only 6 nights. He said this just hours before Madeleine is reported missing.
<!-- m --> ... ge_339.jpg<!-- m -->

From Stephen Carpenter’s statement. The officer read out his previous statement to him:
<!-- m --> ... PENTER.htm<!-- m -->

DCF: We arrived at about seven because we had the children with us and I saw a man sitting at the table next to us with three children.

SC: Yes

DCF: He was going to take a plane the next day to Switzerland, given that the children’s mother lived there, I had never seen him before that night, but he ended up joining us for a coffee, he was a MW tourist.

Which would suggest, according to Stephen Carpenter, that only the children live in Switzerland, which means Mr Edmonds must live in the UK, seeing as this is where they caught the LGW flight from. This seems to be another parent who booked childcare for all 3 children, every day.

What was the point of taking them on holiday, especially if they live apart and put them in creche all day. :s_cry How very sad.

Jeni Weinburger G4L original party of 3

The party of 3 needs to be thoroughly checked out, as she books into the tapas as a 4

<!-- m --> ... ge_350.jpg<!-- m -->

arrival 28/04/07 departure 05/05/07

tapas lists running tab

01/05/07 70.50
03/05/07 106.50
04/05/07 114.00

tapas reservations
01/05/07 @ 7pm x 4
02/05/07 @ 7.30pm x 2+1

Another Doctor booking:

Mr Curtis Leon Cameron Brain & Dr L Hurne, arrived on the LGW flight on the 28th.

They were allocated apartment G607

<!-- m --> ... ge_339.jpg<!-- m -->
<!-- m --> ... ge_615.jpg<!-- m -->

MO May 10th
By the way, he denied that at any time did any individuals named IRWIN form part of the table, refuting equally that he had made the acquaintance of anyone so named.

GM May 10th
States that on Thursday, 03/05/07, there was no one by the name of IRWIN sitting at the table nor does he know anyone with that name.
Asked, he mentions that on Thursday, 3 May 2007, there was nobody from outside of the group seated at the table, nor does he know any person with the name IRWIN.

Jane Tanner
On these holidays, she never met nor dined (along with the rest of the group) with any family or person having the surname "Irwin".

----- Questioned, she said that on Thursday, 03/05/2007, there was no body sitting at the table, strange to the group, and she does not know anyone with the name "IRWIN."

This must have come about for two very important reasons.

1. They were booked in exactly the same time as the tapas 9, when the alarm was raised.

2. More importantly, they appeared before the McCann's booking, who we know booked their table in advance 5 days before that night.

So you can see why they were all quizzed on the Irwin's.

other MW guests who were dining at the Tapas that evening do not appear to have had statements taken:

So in addition to the EDMUNDS -






COX ... no initial statement altho' one was later obtained from her partner - PATEL

All these people were eating in the Tapas for varying periods of time from 7pm to at least 9.30 pm - so you would think that their 'recollections' of the evening would be of interest to the police, wouldn't you?

But maybe such statements were requested and obtained from these people but have not been released on the DVD

I’m still looking into these Tapas reservations to see if there is any evidence of similar groups of friends holidaying together just as the McCann’s did. I have no idea of the criteria for booking into the restaurant, i.e., do children get allocated a seat, if they will need a high chair? etc., but what is clear is, some booking numbers exceeds the original party size.

On the 1st May and the 3rd May Ms D Bullen and Mr M Carroll, booked in for 4 people. They only have one child aged 2. Could this possibly be another small group booking in 2 friends, leaving their child perhaps in the creche?

On the 1st May, Mrs R Totman and Mr J Totman, booked in for 2+1. They have two children age 2 and 3. Could they really have just taken just one child to dinner with them and not the other, or did they also book for 1 friend?

On the 2nd May, Mr M Handy and Mrs G Downie, booked in as 1 + 3. They have one child age 2. Was this booking for 3 adults and 1 child, or possibly 4 adults. If so, who were their 2 friends?

On the 3rd May, why does the Sperrey booking look like it could have been a 2+1. They have no children, so if it was 2+1, who was the other person?

The Tapas Bookings:

1st May

Mann 2(1 child age 3)
Bullen 4(1 child age 2)
Thornhill 2(1 child age 7m)
Totman 2+1(2 children age 2,3)
Weinburger 4(2 children age 3, 11m)
Foster 2(1 child age 3)
MacKenzie 2(1 child age 18m)
Tapas 9

2nd May

Handy 1+3(1 child age 2)
Naylor 2+1(2 children age 3, 11m)
O’Donnell 2(2 children age 3, 8m)
McCormick 3(1 child age 2)
Weinburger 2+1(2 children age 3, 11m)
Burlton 2(1 child age 13m)
Tapas 9

3rd May

Edmonds 2+2(3 children age 6,7,8)
Mann 2+1(1 child age 3)
Carpenter 2(2 children age 3, 4m)
Bullen 4(1 child age 2)
Patell 2+2(2 children age 4, 11m)
Cox 2(1 child age 17m)
Irwin 2(0 children)
Tapas 9
Sperrey 2+1?(0 children)

I've been looking closer into the bookings for the Tapas restaurant and have noticed a couple of odd things. Everyone who eat there had booked through Mark Warner. The clients who booked through Thomas Cook did not appear on the Tapas lists from 1st May through to 3rd May. Which is rather odd, was this restaurant only available to Mark Warner customers?

Also, every couple had children except two, the Irwin's and the Sperrey's. Both only booked in on the night of the 3rd May, the night Madeleine vanished and they were booked in at the same time as the McCann's or just after. Nothing more than a little odd, but worth noting IMO.

The numbers in brackets represents how many children the family had. One small note, Edmonds is one adult and 3 children according to the arrivals list, yet he is booked in to eat as 2+2, which could be a reservation anomaly. Also the Sperrey booking looks like it could be 2+1, which is why I have put a question mark beside it.

1st May
<!-- m --><!-- m --> ... ge_606.jpg
Mann 2(1), Bullen 4(1), Thornhill 2(1), Totman 2+1(2), Weinburger 4(2), Foster 2(1), MacKenzie 2(1), Tapas 9

2nd May
<!-- m --><!-- m --> ... ge_607.jpg
Handy 1+3(1), Naylor 2+1(2), O’Donnell 2(2), McCormick 3(2), Weinburger 2+1(2), Burlton 2(1), Tapas 9

3rd May
<!-- m --><!-- m --> ... ge_608.jpg
Edmonds 2+2(3), Mann 2+1(1), Carpenter 2(2), Bullen 4(1), Patell 2+2(2), Cox 2(1), Irwin 2(0), Tapas 9, Sperrey 2+1?(0)

Arrivals list
<!-- m --><!-- m -->

Do you remember the Tapas Reservation Book thread I started on 3a's about this? It caused quite a stir and one person in particular is still waiting for an apology from me.

"this man was often seen in the father's company"
That could just about be anyone from a tennis coach to someone like Jez Wilkins his apparently newly aquired friend, to someone who lives near by. Why was Balu and Berry swabbed?

Was this woman asked for a more detailed description?
Could she have identified him from a picture?
If he was one of the Tapas 9, why didn't she say so?
Did any of the other children go out alone with him?

The answers to all of the above questions I would bet have been removed from the file. Why?, because I think he is the man whose identity is being protected and the only reason we know about this little event is from one employees statement. All of the Tapas 9 lied about this, why? At the time they lied could they have known the restaurant workers statement would be released? No of course not.

For me the one most biggest question of all is how did Ms Irwin & Ms Irwin book into the Tapas restaurant BEFORE the Tapas 9 did, 5 days before anyone was allowed to. Who were they? Why are they so important they could book in, in advance? The pushy man had to claim they were leaving their children on their own to convince this woman to make a reservation for the whole week, what was the Irwin's excuse? WHY are there no statements from either of them? HOW did they manage to book in, in advance, the exact same night Madeleine vanished, BUT NOT ON ANY OTHER NIGHT that week? These two people are paramount to this enquiry and asking questions about them starts sparks flying. Someone should look into them. Are they Doctors?, I'm betting that they are

Hi stella. Good post. I remember something on the 3As about this but it was never resolved.

You have asked very good questions, few of us could answer.

Was the name of your thread, "The 10th Tapas"?

Could this man have been Brian Kennedy or Clarence Mitchell or even John Geraghty as members of the public can dine there, I think?

How did Ms Irwin and Ms Irwin, manage to book into the Tapas Restaurant BEFORE the McCann’s did, which was at least 5 days before them, on the exact same night Madeleine vanished?

Reservations for the limited spaces available are normally requested the same day. The Tapas 9 were only able to book in for the week in advance because a rather pushy man made an excuse that all the children would be left alone in their apartments and they needed to check on them.

Why are there no statements from the Irwins?

Processo Vol 2....from PDF 109

thankyou Reggie Dunlop

Guest List 1

Guest List 2

Guest List 3

Guest List 4

Guest List 5

Guest List 6

Guest List 7

The guest list, less the T9, in the order Dad, Mum, Other Adults, Kids (usually in age order).
Guest List 1..page334
Mr N Berry, Mrs E Berry, Miss J Berry(4), Infant G Berry(14m
Mr G MacKenzie, Mrs C MacKenzie, Infant C MacKenzie(18m).................Gatwick
Mr M Handy, Mrs G Downie, Miss I Handy(2).......................................Gatwick
Guest List 2..p 335
Mr R Mann, Mrs L Mann, Master A Mann(3).........................................Gatwick
Mr R Balu, Miss N Cox, Infant Z Balu(17m)
Mr A Heselton, Mrs S Heselton, Miss K Heselton(2)...............................Gatwick
Guest List 3..p336
Mr T Patel, Mrs S Patel, Miss T Patel(4), Infant K Patel(11m)..................Gatwick
Mr J Totman, Mrs R Totman, Master W Totman(4), Miss L Totman(3)
Mr C Reap, Mrs J Reap, Miss H Reap(3)
Ms N Irwin, Ms B Irwin..................................................................Gatwick
Guest List 4..p337
Mr A Hynd, Mrs L Hynd, Mrs G Hynd, Miss G Hynd(6), Master A Hynd(2)...Gatwick
Mr A Taylor, Mrs S Northwood, Master J Taylor(3)................................Gatwick
Mrs B O'Donnell, Mr A Wilkins, Miss O (3), Inf A (8months)......................Gatwick
Mr C Burlton, Mrs C Upton-Brown, Infant G Burlton(13m)........................Gatwick
Mr M Janczur, Mrs M Janczur, Master A Janczur(2), Infant ??????(7m)
Guest List 5..p338
Mr P Clifford, Mrs A Clifford, Mr A Clifford(17), Miss A Clifford(12).............Gatwick
Mr S Carpenter, Mrs C Carpenter, Miss I Carpenter(3), Infant E/F(?)(4m)....Gatwick
Mr W Thornhill, Mrs S Thornhill, Infant J Thornhill(7m)
Mr P Weinburger, Mrs J Weinburger, Miss E Weinburger(3), Infant T (11m)
Mr M Newman, Mrs H Newman..........................................................Gatwick
Guest List 6..p339
Mr P Edmonds, Master H Edmonds(6), Master J Edmonds(7), Master S (8)....Gatwick
Mr N Foster, Mrs S Foster, Miss E Foster(3).........................................Gatwick
Mr M Sperrey, Mrs C Sperrey
Mr C Brain, Dr L Hume................................................................Gatwick
Guest List 7..p340
Mr R Naylor, Mrs A Naylor, Miss E Naylor(3), Infant C Naylor(11m)
Mr A Mills, Mrs J Mills, Miss L Mills(3)
Mr D McCormick, Mrs S McCormick, Master M McCormick(2)
Mr M Carroll, Ms D Bullen, Master O Carroll(2)

Jayne Marie JENSEN

She arrived on the 21st April and was booked in until the 12th May, as a MW guest. She was located in apartment BP03, 2 doors along from the Naylor’s in BP01, who were the ones who arrived at the crèche, the same time as the McCann's on the 2nd & 3rd.

<!-- m --> ... tment.html<!-- m -->

Jayne Jensen & sister Annie Wiltshire, “told how THEY saw”. “how THEY provided further evidence”.

4 days after Madeleine disappeared, the tapas report lists suddenly change from reading Jayne Jensen to Jensen/Wiltshire. So for the first 17 days, all we see on the reports is Jayne Jensen, then all of a sudden, 5 days before she is due to depart, her booking starts to read Jensen/Wiltshire.

1/5/07 Jayne Marie Jensen
3/5/07 as above
4/5/07 as above
5/5/07 as above
6/5/07 as above
7/5/07 booking changed to Jensen/Wiltshire

<!-- m --> ... ge_624.jpg<!-- m -->

<!-- m --> ... ge_636.jpg<!-- m -->

It appears that the Weinburger’s were a party of 4.
<!-- m --> ... ge_338.jpg<!-- m -->

Mrs Jeni Weinburger
Mr P Weinburger
Miss E Weinburger age 3
T Weinburger age 11m

Tapas reservation for the 1st , was for 4 people.
<!-- m --> ... ge_606.jpg<!-- m -->

Tapas reservation for the 2nd , was for 2 + 1, which is 3 people.
<!-- m --> ... ge_607.jpg<!-- m -->

Did they use the night crèche that night for one of their children, or did they leave her in their room on her own?

Why take just one child to dinner, but not the other? :shok:

Well there’s another coincidence. :s_bomb

The Naylor’s also had 2 children, aged 3 and 11 months. HOW MANY MORE....
<!-- m --> ... ge_340.jpg<!-- m -->

They also left a child somewhere one night to eat at the tapas, their 3 year old.
<!-- m --> ... ge_607.jpg<!-- m -->

What on earth was going on out there. :s_omg

What do we know about the Gorrods, are they Doctors by any chance? (lawyer) ... taff_id/62

 British family caught up in the investigation say detectives have cleared them of any link to the case. Solicitor James Gorrod, from Exeter, and his family happened to be in the resort at the same time, but never met the McCann’s.
<!-- m --><!-- m -->

James Gorrod, 34, a solicitor from Exeter, said that detectives had cleared him and his wife of any link to her disappearance. They had raised suspicion because they were a couple who were on holiday with the McCann’s and had hired a car with a child seat. However, it transpired that they were travelling with their two-year-old son.
<!-- m --><!-- m -->

A BRITON told yesterday how he became caught up in the investigation into missing Madeleine McCann after suspicious staff at a hire car firm tipped off police.

Lawyer James Gorrod, 34, rented a blue Opel Corsa in Portugal five days before the four-year-old vanished.

Staff at rental firm Sixt, based at Faro airport, raised the alarm when he returned the vehicle on May 6 – because it was fitted with a child seat and they believed he was travelling alone.

Mr Gorrod was later contacted by British police after it was discovered he had close links with friends who had been on holiday with Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry.

In a statement, Mr Gorrod said last night: “A British police officer directly liaising with the Portuguese investigation team recently contacted me to eliminate the vehicle I hired for a holiday with my wife and two-year-son in Praia da Luz at the time Madeleine McCann disappeared.

“The ¬vehicle has been identified and I have been told by the British police officer that he has no plans to interview me or my family, and he does not expect me or my family to have any further involvement in the investigation. We are, of course, deeply saddened by Madeleine’s disappearance and hope for her safe return.”

Mr Gorrod’s wife, Charlotte, yesterday said it was “absolutely ridiculous” to suggest the couple were in any way linked to Madeleine’s ¬disappearance.

She said: “Horrible things have been said about us and our friends but none of them are true.’’

The Gorrods live in Exeter, Devon, just two minutes from their friends, hospital consultant Dr Russell O’Brien and Jane Tanner, who are both key witnesses in the investigation.

The two couples met up during their week-long holiday in Portugal and it is believed Mr Gorrod and his family were staying at the same resort in Praia da Luz as the McCann’s and their seven friends.

Coincidentally, chief suspect Robert Murat, 33, was in Exeter for 10 days shortly before Madeleine vanished on May 3.

The British expat arrived back in the Algarve just 48 hours earlier on May 1. He has since been questioned several times by police but has always protested his innocence.

Mr Gorrod, his wife, and their two-year-old son William flew out to Portugal on April 28 – the same day as the McCann’s and their friends began their ill-fated holiday.

Police were alerted after Mr Gorrod returned the car eight days later. The vehicle was never examined by Portuguese police and was leased out five more times.

Three months into the investigation British police carried out a major review of the case and car hire bosses were ordered to take it off the road last Monday.

The vehicle was traced to Lisbon and has now been placed in a compound awaiting examination.

Yesterday Mrs Gorrod, 32, said how hurtful speculation about the couple’s involvement in the case had been.

She said: “This is all absolutely ridiculous. We know Dr O’Brien and Jane Tanner because we both have children of about the same age and we were staying in the same resort. At the time, the Portuguese police asked the O’Brien’s if they knew anybody who had access to a car and they gave our names.

“We were happy to talk to the police but they did not approach us.

“We know what is being said now and it is ridiculous. The car has been checked out and there is no problem. It is surprising it has come up now and very upsetting for me because I have just come out of hospital after giving birth to my second child.

“We have been told that the family and friends of the McCann’s are not under suspicion. My husband has spoken to the police and given them all the details of the car. We just want to help really and we could do without all this hassle.
“My husband was on holiday with myself and our son who is aged two. And that is why we needed a baby seat. It was our last chance to have a holiday before I got too pregnant to fly.”

Dr O’Brien, 36, has told police he saw Murat outside the McCanns’ apartment around the time of the abduction.

He was among three members of the McCanns’ party who insist they saw Murat close to the apartment that night.

Miss Tanner claims she saw a man rushing away from the complex with a child wrapped in a blanket at around 9.10pm, 50 minutes before the alarm was raised.

Portuguese police were last night still awaiting the results of DNA tests being carried out in Britain on specks of blood found in the McCanns’ holiday apartment.

Yesterday, the respected Portuguese newspaper Diario de Noticias reported that British sniffer dogs had carried out searches along the coastline close to Praia da Luz.

The newspaper claims police are working on the theory that Madeleine’s body was thrown into the sea.

It is possible her corpse was placed in a rubbish bag weighed down by rocks.

It is also claimed that police believe Madeleine died in the family’s holiday apartment – either by accident or murder.

But, despite the speculation, the McCann’s insist they will carry on believing Madeleine is alive until they are shown evidence to the contrary.
<!-- m --><!-- m -->

"Mr Gorrod, his wife, and their two-year-old son William flew out to Portugal on April 28 – the same day as the McCann’s and their friends began their ill-fated holiday".
<!-- m --><!-- m -->

Not according to this OC report. They arrived on the 30th April.
<!-- m --> ... ge_612.jpg

From the apartment there are views over beautiful gardens to the sea where you can relax in your own private garden which is perfect for BBQ's and relaxing and safe for children.

Amenities/Facilities provided

* oven,
* fridge/freezer,
* microwave,
* dishwasher,
* washing machine,
* iron/ironing board,
* satellite tv,
* room fans,
* cot,
* high chair,
* barbecue,
* pool heating,
* shared pool
<!-- m --><!-- m -->

Outdoors: Balcony / Terrace, Shared outdoor pool (unheated), Shared garden, BBQ, Shared tennis court on site, Shared outdoor pool (heated)

Further details outdoors:
The apartment is located on the first floor of block G in the Club Phase amidst beautiful mature landscaped subtropical gardens with a view of the pool area and in the distance the sea. There are two balconies, one with patio furniture and a mall BBQ. You will also have full access to all the Ocean club facilities including pools, tennis courts etc.

<!-- m --> ... -luz/28781<!-- m -->

<!-- l -->post17209.html?hilit=james<!-- l --> gorrod#p17209

Today and under orders from higher authority, the signatory went to the premises of the SIXT rent-
a-car company in the Faro airport, in order to identify and locate the vehicle that will have been
rented on 28 April 2007 by an individual named James Gorrod.

At the counter of the said rent-a-car [company] it was confirmed that on the referred date, at
20h06, there was delivered to the referenced person [personal details given] an Opel Corsa, colour
grey, licence 75-AG-62.
Together with the vehicle the referenced person rented a car seat appropriate to transport a child
in the vehicle.
The vehicle was returned on 6 May 2007, at 08h00,

The Opel Corsa was also examined by Eddie and Keela:

<!-- l -->topic35-10.html

<!-- l -->

Another witness, Jeni Weinberger, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, said she saw a woman resembling Mrs Albino outside the McCanns’ apartment in May 2007.

Read more: <!-- m --> ... z0r5P2kQhV<!-- m -->

This must be her:
<!-- m --><!-- m -->
Telephone: 01722 782 881
Email: <!-- e --><!-- e -->
Mobile: 07803 296 356 (Please use this number as we may be away at exhibition)
South View, Lower Woodford, Salisbury, SP4 6NQ

This Jeni Weinberger also lets a holiday cottage in Glenluce, Dumfries and Galloway (Scotland).
<!-- m --><!-- m -->

Dr Pawer room G20

<!-- m --> ... ge_633.jpg<!-- m -->

This individual was apparently alone in PDL from 23 April to 11 May.

A quick Google finds that there was a Dr Pawer at Leicester Infirmary in 2001 apparently assisting in the recruiting of babies into some kind of medical trial.

<!-- m --><!-- m -->

WARNING !!! It may or may not be him..................................

Here is a list of other residents in his block.

03/05-10/05 G13a Toshie Giencke
05/05-19/05 G16 Michael Allan
28/04-05/05 G16 Anthony Eaton
29/04-03/05 G19 Jan Lewardowski
03/05-10/05 G19 Julie Martin
23/04-11/05 G20 Dr Pawer
03/05-10/05 G25 Kevin Morris Wilcox
28/04-05/05 G29 Tushar Patel
05/05-12/05 G29 Michelle Anne Kerrigan
28/04-05/05 G30 Mark Handy
05/05-19/05 G30 Luke Benjamin Savage
30/04-05/05 G31 Mackenzie
05/05-11/05 G31 Brewin
28/04-05/05 G41 Sandra Bowness
28/04-05/05 G46 Antony John Heselton
03/05-10/05 G51 Irene McMillan
28/04-12/05 G52 George Blackburn

Charlotte Gorrod

The friend who lives near Jane Tanner.

Look at the name in C5E :shok:

30/04-06/05 C5C Charlotte Gorrod
29/04-06/05 C5D Sheilagh Jennifer Ogden
05/05-18/05 C5D Diane Leckenby (owner booking)
06/05-09/05 C5E Hubbard (donos booking)
05/05-19/05 C5F Craig (donos booking)
04/05-09/05 C5G Claire (owner booking)
28/04-03/05 C5K Stuart Alan Plumbey
03/05-10/05 C5K James Bernard Cairns

Why did Ogden C5D leave early? Owner booking started before hers ended?

appears to be a Dr D Pawer at Queen's Hospital, Burton-on-Trent:

<!-- m --> ... tg2005.pdf<!-- m -->

(Warning a long PDF file on Minutes of meeting)

according to a newspaper report, the first the Gorrod's knew about it was when a note was pushed under their door the following day:

<!-- m --> ... 1114178732<!-- m -->

The report may of course, not be accurate!

if block c was numbered the same as block g then their apt would be the ground floor one with the private back gardens

<!-- m --> ... onies3.jpg

With thanks to Pamalam, I think I've found a layout of OC.

<!-- m --> ... ge_514.jpg<!-- m -->

We just need to somehow mark up each block, but that is outside my capabilities. :s_blush

this article refers to the Gorrods aswell;

<!-- m --> ... public_rss

Mr Curtis Leon Cameron Brain & Dr L Hurne, arrived on the LGW flight on the 28th.

They were allocated apartment G607

28/04-05/05 G603 Nicole Cox & Raj Balu
05/05-12/05 G603 Parr
02/05-11/05 G604 Gill (donos booking)
28/04-05/05 G606 Neil Berry
28/04-05/05 G607 Curtis Leon Cameron Brain & Dr L Hurne
28/04-05/05 G608 Lisa Marjorie Preston
06/05-11/05 G608 Caroline Baker
28/04-05/05 G610 Anthony Hack
05/05-12/05 G610 Warren

<!-- m -->
 Goncalo Amaral said. “That was what we were trying to find out. Searching within their friends, because the couple had a lot of acquaintances. We tried to understand where the little girl could have been during those twenty something days”.

Acquaintances, as you know means connections or associates, which could also mean other guests. If we look at all the other guests and there are no connections with the McCann’s, then great. It’s another thing we can cross off the list. But on the other hand, if by grouping all the guests by apartments and then by locations, we see something different, it might prove useful. It is an exercise that no one has thought to undertake before and I just thought it would be useful. So I apologise if you think this will not be helpful. I also apologise for completely misunderstanding the meaning of your last warning, which I thought was to do with my personal opinions on the tapas reservations, not the lists.

according to nicky gills police statement she flew out on the sunday 6th so that entry can't be for her
<!-- m -->

After carefully studying each of the following reports, it became clear that Jayne Marie Jensen room G4J
changed her reservation not once, but twice.

Sometime between the 1st and before 1am on the 3rd, she changes her leaving date from the 5th, to the 12th, increasing her stay by 1 week. In the second one, 3 days after the first change, she adds on her sisters name Wiltshire.

The first report is run at 03:45:06 on the 01/05, her reservation ends on the 05/05
01/05 <!-- m --> ... ge_616.jpg<!-- m -->

The report for the 2nd is missing.

On the report printed at 01:16:02 on the 03/05, the reservation now ends on the 12/05
03/05 <!-- m --> ... ge_620.jpg<!-- m -->

On the 4th, the report is the same as the 3rd
04/05 <!-- m --> ... ge_624.jpg<!-- m -->

On the 5th, the report is the same as the 3rd and 4th
05/05 <!-- m --> ... ge_628.jpg<!-- m -->

On the 6th, we see the second change.
The report now shows the reservation in the new name of Jensen/Wiltshire.
06/05 <!-- m --> ... ge_632.jpg<!-- m -->

It looks like Colin Reap extended his holiday by one week, the day before he was due to leave.

28/04-05/05 GP04 Colin Donald Reap
28/04-12/05 GP04 Colin Donald Reap

3rd <!-- m --> ... ge_621.jpg<!-- m -->
4th <!-- m --> ... ge_625.jpg<!-- m -->
5th <!-- m --> ... ge_629.jpg<!-- m -->
6th <!-- m --> ... ge_633.jpg<!-- m -->

Does anyone know why the name Markwarner in the Agencia column for McCann and Naylor, would change appearance on the 5th? It looked perfectly fine on all the lists prior to that date.

1st <!-- m --> ... ge_617.jpg<!-- m -->
3rd <!-- m --> ... ge_621.jpg<!-- m -->
4th <!-- m --> ... ge_625.jpg<!-- m -->
5th <!-- m --> ... ge_629.jpg<!-- m -->

Other examples where the name Markwarner appears differently on some reports.

Mackenzie G31
1st MARKUARtwr

Mann 0008

Handy G30

Berry G606

David GP03

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 Where did the Gorrods sleep at April 28 and April 29, when they only checked into the MW-Appartments at April 30, yet, rented a car on April 28? In the car?
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Re:Random Info

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