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Date Posted:09/09/2012 12:10 PMCopy HTML

100 replies to comments in one day (only for HiDeHo3)
(does notinclude individual comments or replies to other videos)

50 from Pam Gurney

Thanks to everyone below for responding to her comments

cercopiteco1   20 minutes ago.
Mrs Pamela is a "mirrors climber".. do you know the meanning of this saying?
It's used to indicate an impossible thing. When one tells a lie or makes fun of you or when tries to find 100 excuses for one thing! one says "do not climb on mirrors!" because it is so obvious that he's doing it to take the piss.... and that it is useless to even listen to him! Since it is impossible to do it ....
Stop climbing on mirrors Mrs Pam! :)


Imogen Dymond
mesmereldi moon


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