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Jan 2 2008


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Re:Express Front Pages

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Re:Express Front Pages

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Re:Express Front Pages

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Re:Express Front Pages

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Thanks to JillyCL at Maddie Case Files for compiling ALL Press articles in Chronological order!

Jan 12

Gonçalo Amaral in Court: Witnesses defend that book results from the Investigation - Lusa 12-01-10

Maddie McCann's Parents Tried To Keep Police Away - Jornal de Noticias 12-01-10

New criticism of English authorities in the Maddie case - Jornal da Noticias 12-01-10

McCanns Face Cop's 'Lie' Claim - The Sun 12-01-10

Maddie Died In Holiday Flat - The Sun 12-01-10

Ex-Detective In McCann Libel Trial - Daily Mirror 12-01-10

McCanns 'Were Suspected By Police' - Daily Mirror 12-01-10

Madeleine McCann: Court told police thought parents faked Maddy's abduction - 12-01-10

Backlash Fear Over Corrie's Maddy Plotline - Daily Mirror 12-01-10

McCanns back in Portugal to face detective in court - Daily Express 12-01-10

McCanns 'Were Suspected By Police' - Daily Express 12-01-10

McCanns Were Suspected By Police - Daily Star 12-01-10

Coronation Street faces backlash over Madeleine McCann storyline - Daily Mail 12-01-10

McCanns Were Suspected By Police - Guardian 12-01-10

McCanns In Court To Fight Book Ban Appeal - 12-10-10

Madeleine McCann's death 'covered up by parents who faked kidnap', court hears - Telegraph 12-01-10

Ex-Madeleine McCann detective seeks to lift book ban - BBC 12-01-10

Sexual Crime DNA 'Not Processed' - BBC 12-01-10

McCanns Return To Portugal For Libel Case - Sky 12-01-10

Madeleine McCann 'Died In Holiday Apartment' - Sky 12-01-10

McCanns Brace For More Cover-Up Claims - Sky 12-01-10

Kate and Gerry McCann return to Portugal for libel court action - Metro 12-01-10

Kate and Gerry McCann arrive for detective libel trial - London Evening Standard 12-01-10

McCanns In Lisbon For Start Of Libel Trial - Leicester Mercury 12-01-10

Madeleine McCann's parents back in Portugal for ex-detective’s libel trial - Liverpool Daily Post 12-01-10

Madeleine McCann's parents faked abduction, senior policeman claims - Yorkshire Post 12-01-10

Madeleine McCann: Parents in Portuguese court in libel action against former detective - Daily Record 12-01-10

Ex-officer in McCann libel trial - Evening Times (Scotland) 12-01-10

McCanns 'were suspected by police' - Irish Independent 12-01-10

Court told police thought parents faked Madeleine's abduction - IOL (Ireland) 12-01-10

Ex-Detective Faces McCann Libel Trial - IOL (Ireland) 12-01-10

Court told police thought parents faked Madeleine's abduction - 12-01-10

McCanns 'Were Suspected By Police' - UKPA 12-01-10

Missing Madeleine’s parents face accuser in court - Euronews 12-01-10

Madeleine libel case opens in Lisbon - IOL 12-01-10

Parents Of Madeleine McCann Face Accuser In Court - AFP 12-01-10

Gerry McCann returned home unexpectedly (4.00pm he left the court on the 13th) from the libel trial after hearing that Kates dream had instigated the CADAVER dogs...and that the UK press had reported the headlines from the hearing.

Image Image Image

"Maddie died and the parents concealed" - Correio da Manhã 13-01-10
Maddie Is Dead And You Hid Her - The Sun 13-01-10
Kate Dreamt Maddie's Body Was On A Hillside - The Sun 13-01-10
Angry Gerry: There Is No Proof Maddie Is Dead - The Sun 13-01-10
His Smiles, Their Pain - The Sun 13-01-10
Kate McCann made a suspect in Maddy disappearance after a nightmare - Daily Mirror 13-01-10
I Dreamed I Saw Body on Hillside - Daily Mirror 13-01-10
Madeleine's Father Defends Action - Daily Mirror 13-01-10
Madeleine McCann: Gerry McCann angrily dismiss detectives' claims over Maddy - 13-01-10
Maddie 'Died' In Apartment, Court Hears - Daily Express 13-01-10
Gerry McCann Angrily Dismisses Maddy Death Claims Outside Court in Portugal - Daily Express 13-01-10
Kate McCann Told Police Of 'Murder' Dream - Daily Star 13-01-10
'McCanns Faked Maddie's Abduction', Police Chief Tells Court - Daily Star 13-01-10
McCanns return to Portugal for libel trial of ex-police chief who led Maddie investigation - Daily Mail 13-01-10
Court agony for McCanns: Couple listen in disbelief as Portuguese police say Maddie is dead and abduction was faked - Daily Mail 13-01-10
Gerry McCann: No evidence to suggest Madeleine is dead - 13-01-10
Madeleine McCann: mother's dream was 'turning point' in investigation, court hears - Telegraph 13-01-10
Gerry McCann rejects claims his daughter Madeleine is dead - Telegraph 13-01-10
McCanns dismiss detectives' claims over Madeleine - Independent 13-01-10
'Madeleine McCann dead' court claim rejected by father - BBC 13-01-10
McCanns Face More Claims Of Cover-Up - Sky 13-01-10
Gerry McCann Hits Out At Claims In Book - Sky 13-01-10
Madeleine's Father Denies She Is Dead - Channel 4 13-01-10
VIDEO: Gerry McCann dismisses Madeleine claims - ITN 13-01-10
McCanns ‘invented Maddie’s kidnap’ - Metro 13-01-10
Father hits out at Madeleine theory - Metro 13-01-10
McCanns angrily dismiss detectives' Maddie death claims - Metro 13-01-10
McCanns 'Were Suspected By Police' - London Evening Standard 13-01-10
Gerry McCann hits out at claims his daughter Madeleine is dead - London Evening Standard 13-01-10
Kate and Gerry McCann face detective who claims Madeleine is dead - Leicester Mercury 13-01-10
McCanns Dismiss Detectives' Claims Over Madeleine - Leicester Mercury 13-01-10
Madeleine's death was covered up by McCanns, Portuguese court told - The Scotsman 13-01-10
Madeleine McCann: 'Police wrong to say she's dead' says father - The Scotsman 13-01-10
Gerry McCann dismisses claim that abducted Madeleine is dead on second day of libel trial - Daily Record 13-01-10
McCanns became suspects in Madeleine's disappearance when Kate dreamed of body find, reveals Portuguese cop - Daily Record 13-01-10
Report found Madeleine died in holiday apartment, court told - Herald Scotland 13-01-10
Maddie parents faked abduction, court told - Evening Times (Scotland) 13-01-10
Kate McCann ‘dreamed Madeleine was dead’ Aberdeen Evening Express 13-01-10
We believe Madeleine McCann died in family’s apartment, detective tells libel trial - Belfast Telegraph 13-01-10
Police Believed McCanns Faked Maddy Kidnapping - Irish Independent 13-01-10
Father hits out at Madeleine theory - Irish Independent 13-01-10
McCann Anger At Libel Trial - Ireland Online 13-01-10
McCanns Face More Claims Of Cover-Up - IRN (Radio) 13-01-10
Portuguese Police Accuse McCanns Of Cover-Up - First Post 13-01-10
Parents hid Maddie's body, court told - IOL 13-01-10
Missing British girl Madeleine McCann died in holiday apartment - 13-01-10
Missing British Girl Madeleine McCann Died In Holiday Apartment - 13-01-10

Jan 14th

Jan 14

Image Image Image Image

Gonçalo Amaral: 'The McCanns Are Getting Desperate' - i (Portugal) 14-01-10

McCanns accuse Amaral of violating the judicial secrecy - Correio da Manhã 14-01-10

Vile Cop: F*** The McCanns - The Sun 14-01-10

McCann Hits Out At Madeleine Claim - Daily Mirror 14-01-10

Case is a Mystery - The Sun (Scotland) 14-01-10

McCanns Face Long Battle Over Book - Daily Mirror 14-01-10

Madeleine Detective In Book Vow - Daily Mirror 14-01-10

Disgraced Portuguese detective in four letter outburst at Kate and Gerry McCann - Daily Mirror 14-01-10

Madeleine McCann: 'Abduction' claims difficult to listen to says mum Kate - Daily Mirror 14-01-10

McCanns' Fury At Death Claim - Daily Express 14-01-10

Maddie's dad fury at TV girl - Daily Star 14-01-10

McCanns shouldn't have left the children alone, say Portuguese police - Daily Mail 14-01-10

Kate McCann 'Confident' Of Winning Madeleine Libel Case -,uk 14-01-10

Madeleine McCann detective 'will keep fighting to release book' - 14-01-10

Madeleine McCann: Portuguese detective 'won't be silenced' - Telegraph 14-01-10

Madeleine claims difficult to listen to, says mother - Independent 14-01-10

Kate McCann Confident Over Court Case - BBC 14-01-10

McCann Lawyer: Knew Trial Was 'Pandora's Box' - Sky 14-01-10

VIDEO: Ex-detective to 'take Madeleine fight to Europe' - ITN 14-01-10

McCanns face long battle over book - Metro 14-01-10

Kate McCann: Losing Maddy worse than court ‘lies’ - London Evening Standard 14-01-10

McCanns fight back at detective's accusations - Leicester Mercury 14-01-10

Madeleine McCann's father defends battle over police book - Liverpool Daily Post 14-01-10

Maddie detective set for rights plea - Yorkshire Post 14-01-10

Death claims meaningless, say McCanns - Yorkshire Post 14-01-10

Gerry McCann Hits Back At Algarve Police - The Scotsman 14-01-10

Madeleine allegations difficult to listen to - Kate McCann - Herald Scotland 14-01-10

Madeleine death claim dismissed by McCann - Evening Times (Scotland) 14-01-10

McCann Hits Out At Madeleine Claim - Belfast Telegraph 14-01-10

McCanns insist there is no evidence Maddy died - Irish Independent 14-01-10

McCanns face long battle over book - Irish Independent 14-01-10

Madeleine claims 'difficult to listen to', says Kate McCann - IOL (Ireland) 14-01-10

Ex-detective 'will take Madeleine book fight to Europe' - IOL (Ireland) 14-01-10

‘f*** the McCanns’ police chief heard to tell BBC - First Post 14-01-10

McCanns face more claims of missing Madeleine - 14-01-10

*** Update

Court Case (Injunction) in Lisbon 14th January 2010

We are currently in Lisbon for the trial to determine whether the injunction against Mr Amaral's book and DVD should remain in place. This trial is about whether the book is a true reflection of the official judicial process in to Madeleine's disappearance and whether its contents damage the ongoing search for Madeleine, her siblings and our reputations.

Mr Amaral's book and DVD contains some information from the PJ files but there is a lot in the files which is not in Mr Amaral's book. Hence it is highly selective and therefore biased. Mr Amaral's book contains his opinions rather than fact. His opinions differ from the findings in the PJ file. The conclusions of the latter are: 1.there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead and 2. there is no evidence that Gerry or I are involved in Madeleine's disappearance. This is very different to the theories and conclusions of Mr Amaral. It is logical and common sense that spreading these theories as Mr Amaral did (and continues todo) damages the search to find our little girl. If the general public (and the Portuguese people in particular) are bombarded day in and day out with such theories, this will eventually 'colour' their understanding and judgement -lies and inaccuracies become fact. If people subsequently believe that Madeleineis dead and that we are involved in her disappearance then they will not look for Madeleine, will not consider any suspicions about others which they may have and will not come forward with information. We consider this highly detrimental to the search for Madeleine.

There are few points which have been raised in the last few days which I would like to address specifically:

Abduction theory:For us, there is only the abduction theory possible because we were not involved in Madeleine's disappearance and we know Madeleine did not wander off by herself. It is obvious and right that the police should consider other theories initially.

The window: I described to the police officers exactly what I found that night, as it was and is highly relevant and I knew that every little detail could be helpful in finding my daughter which is our only aim. The window which is a ground floor window was completely open and is large enough for a person to easily climb through it. Whether it had been opened for this purpose remains unknown. It could of course have been opened by the perpetrator when inside the apartment as a potential escape route or left open as a 'red herring'

The dogs: We realise that the behaviour of the dogs was the turning point in the investigation for the PJ. The use of dogs has proved to be problematic and unreliable in previous cases

(please refer to the Jersey ‘Haut de La Garenne' case and other research published about their use and reliability). It is vital to note that alerts by such dogs are classified as intelligence rather than evidence, as police officers familiar with their use will verify. These alerts must be supported by forensics in order to be used as evidence. The results of the forensic examinations did not identify any blood or Madeleine's DNA. To suggestor use the dogs´ reactions as evidence is simply wrong and abusive.

The proposed reconstruction: The suggestion of a reconstruction of our movements and other key witnesses at the crime scene and/or surrounding area in the early days following Madeleine's abduction was declined by the PJ as 'not usual' for Portugal. When the PJ finally requested a reconstruction to take place in 2008, Gerry and I were still arguidos and as such would have attended for a reconstruction. Some key witnesses (including some of our friends)declined to attend the planned reconstruction as they were not convinced of the aims and usefulness of it. In particular, as the reconstruction was not to be shown to the media (and hence the general public), they did not feel it would help to find Madeleine. Had the intention been to show it to the general public, it may have 'jogged' memories and encouraged people to come forward with information. It should be added that other key witnesses were not invited to attend.

Our team is confident that the injunction will remain in place because none of thewitnesses thus far have been able to prove in court that Mr. Amaral's right to express his opinion is superior to the rights of our family to peace, respect and protection of reputation, and above all, the right to continue the searchfor our daughter Madeleine effectively and without hindrance. As has been made clear this week, Mr Amaral's ‘thesis' is not supported by any evidence. The search for Madeleine must go on until we find her and bring her abductor(s) to justice.

Kate McCann

From Jan 15th onwards...NOTHING on the front pages!

Jan 15

Madeleine: TVI Denies Bias - Lusa Online 15-01-10

DAY 2 of Lisbon court injunction case over Madeleine book - Algarve Resident 15-01-10

DAY 3 of Lisbon court injunction case over Madeleine book - Algarve Resident 15-01-10

British police ‘controlled’ Madeleine investigation - Algarve Resident 15-01-10

Maddie Slur Cop Piles On The Pain - The Sun 15-01-10

Kate McCann Breaks Silence Over Madeleine Court Ordeal - Daily Mirror 15-01-10

Madeleine McCann's parents to lodge complaint against police - Daily Mirror 15-01-10

Kate McCann: It's Hard Being Told I Faked Madeleine's Abduction - Daily Express 15-01-10

BBC In Cursing 'Foul-Up' - Daily Star 15-01-10

McCann Fight May Rage On For 10 Years - Daily Star 15-01-10

McCanns Lodge Complaint With Police - Daily Star 15-01-10

She's terrifyingly thin, he's boiling with rage: So why HAVE the McCanns put themselves on trial? - Daily Mail 15-01-10

McCanns face ten year court battle to clear their name as Portuguese detective vows to fight on - Daily Mail 15-01-10

They're Right To Fight For Their Innocence, by Jan Moir -Daily Mail 15-01-10

McCanns Lodge Complaint With Police - 15-01-10

McCann detective: I'll fight on - Telegraph 15-01-10

McCanns Say Book Officer Broke Secrecy Laws - BBC 15-01-10

McCanns To Claim Ex-Cop 'Broke Secrecy Laws' - Sky 15-01-10

McCanns to launch new complaint on ex-detective - ITN 15-01-10

McCanns lodge complaint with police - Metro 15-01-10

McCanns Launch Fresh Legal Action - Leicester Mercury 15-01-10

Ex-Detective Will Take Madeleine McCann Book Fight To Europe - Leicester Mercury 15-01-10

Kate McCann tells of her anguish at claims she faked Madelaine's abducation - Liverpool Echo 15-01-10

Nothing is as bad as losing Madeleine McCann, mother Kate tells court - Liverpool Daily Post 15-01-10

McCanns claim ex-detective broke secrecy laws over Maddie book - Yorkshire Post 15-01-10

Detective who claims Madeleine McCann died says 'I'll fight all the way' - The Scotsman 15-01-10

McCanns to lodge fresh complaint against ex-detective - Herald Scotland 15-01-10

Kate McCann: Nothing could be as bad as losing Madeleine - Herald Scotland 15-01-10

No pain compares to loss of our Maddy, says emotional Kate - Irish Independent 15-01-10

McCanns lodge complaint with police - Irish Independent 15-01-10

McCanns to lodge ex-detective complaint with Portuguese police - IOL (Ireland) 15-01-10

Legal Fees 15 Times Libel Payout In McCann PR Libel Case - Press Gazette 15-01-10

McCanns Lodge Complaint With Police - UKPA 15-01-10

Facebook - Official Find Madeleine Campaign

"Saying that the constitutional rights" can not be attacked "is to forget that among them, in addition of the freedom of speech, there is the good name and honor. And it’s in the equilibrium between one and other that lies the root of this case. (...) And if to Moita Flores (and Amaral and his publisher) a book the possibility of a mother and father being the authors of a heinous act is so acceptable, I don’t understand why he is so revolted against a trial the , like he said, "mocked" Amaral to hypothesize that he has decided to make money and fame mocking the McCanns. Unless we have different weights for freedom and honor as they concerned "our" and “ the others". A matter of sympathy, so - but until we see, sympathy is not a constitutional right."
See more

Facebook - Official Find Madeleine Campaign

From Kate,

"I truly believe we are doing this to help the search for Madeleine. I believe in the Portuguese judicial system and that we will get justice, and that we can take the search for Madeleine forward."

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Jan 16

Court opens injunction hearings on ‘Madeleine’ disappearance book - Portugal News Online 16-01-10

Maddie cop rap - The Sun 16-01-10

Maddie secrecy rule was 'broken' - The Sun 16-01-10

Kate McCann looked wretched and..,by Lorraine Kelly - The Sun 16-01-10

Maddy McCann Cop Adds Insult To Injury, by Tony Parsons - Daily Mirror 16-01-10

McCann In TV Snub - Daily Star 16-01-10

So, Will This Really Help Find Maddie? - Daily Mail 16-01-10

McCanns Claim Secrecy Breach - Leicester Mercury 16-01-10

Detective broke secrecy law, say McCanns - Irish Independent 16-01-10

McCanns Lodge Complaint With Police - AOL 16-01-10

Madeleine McCann's parents to report Portuguese cop for breach of secrecy - HeraldSun,com,au

Jan 17

Maddie: It IS Kidnap - News Of The World 17-01-10

Portugal still pouring pain on the McCanns: They need our help - News of the World 17-01-10

Bad Week - The People 17-01-10

Our Maddy Was Taken - The People 17-01-10

Kate McCann Defiant On Maddie Allegations - Sunday Mirror 17-01-10

McCanns' Star-Filled Party To Boost Fund - Sunday Express 17-01-10

McCanns' Pain Doesn't Justify Censorship Effort - Irish Independent on Sunday 17-01-10

Jan 18

“Trial has already caused more damage than the book" - Diário de Notícias 18-01-10

Madeleine McCann : Celeb Party In Cash Bid - Daily Star 18-01-10

Madeleine McCann news: Parents of missing girl to hold celebrity party to raise funds - 18-01-10

Jan 19


Nothing more....except 'Lanterns' and Fund events....

Jan 21

January 22 2010 Poll Results - Algarve Resident 21-01-10

McCanns Defend Their Action Against Detective [inc. David Payne Allegations - Gaspars] - Euro Weekly News 21-01-10

Daily Mail Debate [No relevant title] - Daily Mail 21-01-10

Jan 22

Celebrities Backing Event To Mark 1,000th Day Since Madeleine Disappeared - Leicester Mercury 22-01-10

Jan 24

1,000 Laterns [sic]To Mark Missing Maddie's 1,000 Days - News Of The World 24-01-10

Maddie to light up skies - News of the World 24-01-10

1,000 Days Hunt For Maddie - Star On Sunday 24-01-10

Unasked questions about the Press Complaints Commission - Observer 24-01-10

Showbiz event for Maddie - Sunday Mercury 24-01-10

Jan 25

Madeleine McCann And A Load Of Nonsense. Life Of Crime, by Martin Brunt - Sky 25-01-10

Jan 26

We're Being Treated Like the McCanns' - Sun (Eire) 26-01-10

Lanterns Mark Madeleine Milestone - Daily Mirror 26-01-10

Lanterns Mark Madeleine Milestone - Daily Express 26-01-10

Lanterns Mark Madeleine Milestone - Daily Star 26-01-10

Lanterns mark Madeleine milestone - Metro 26-01-10

Lanterns mark 1,000th day since Madeleine McCann went missing - London Evening Standard 26-01-10

Lanterns Mark Madeleine Milestone - Liverpool Echo 26-01-10

Lighting up the sky with lanterns at Formby Football Club for Madeleine McCann - 1,000 days after she went missing - Formby Times 26-01-10

Kate and Gerry McCann at lantern launch to mark 1000 days since daughter Madeleine went missing - Daily Record (Scotland)

Fund-Raising Dinner To Mark Madeleine Anniversary - Herald (Scotland) 26-01-10

McCanns mark 1,000th day of Maddie search - 26-01-10

Jan 27

Maddie: 20 People Attend Mass in Praia da Luz - TVI24 27-01-10

Kate: Our 1,000 Days Without Maddie - The Sun 27-01-10

Poem For Maddie - The Sun 27-01-10

McCanns face 2nd book slur - The Sun 27-01-10

Maddie McCann parents admit coping without her after 1000 days feels wrong - Daily Mirror 27-01-10

McCanns Mark Madeleine Milestone - Daily Mirror 27-01-10

Lights mark 1,000 days for Maddie - Daily Mirror 27-01-10

McCanns Mark Madeleine Milestone - Daily Express 27-01-10

Maddie....100 [sic] Days Since She Vanished - Daily Star 27-01-10

McCanns Trying To Move Forward - Daily Star 27-01-10

Madeleine McCann: Kate And Gerry Mark 1,000 days Since Disappearance - Telegraph 27-01-10

1,000 days after disappearance, Madeleine McCann inspires Armitage poem - Times 27-01-10

A poem for Madeleine - Times 27-01-10

Simon Armitage's Madeleine McCann Poem - Times Online 27-01-10

Celebrity Support For Madeleine Fund Event - Sky 27-01-10

VIDEO: McCanns mark sad 1,000 day anniversary - ITN 27-01-10

A another book alleges the McCanns lied about Maddie's disappearance - Metro 27-01-10

McCanns mark Madeleine milestone - Metro 27-01-10

Timeline: Landmark dates for the McCanns, 1,000 days after she went missing - Leicester Mercury 27-01-10

McCanns to mark 1,000th day that Madeleine has been missing - Leicester Mercury 27-01-10

Paper lanterns to be released to mark 1,000 days since Madeleine McCann went missing - Liverpool Echo 27-01-10

1,000 days marked of missing Madeleine - Yorkshire Post 27-01-10

It Feels Wrong To Cope, Say Madeleine’s Parents - Herald (Scotland) 27-01-10

McCanns Mark Madeleine Milestone - Belfast Telegraph 27-01-10

McCanns trying to 'move forward' on 1,000th day without Madeleine - IOL (Ireland) 27-01-10

Sir Richard Branson to attend Madeleine McCann fundraising event - Monsters & Critics - People 27-01-10

Jan 28

Amaral threatens to take case to European Court - Algarve Resident 28-01-10

Maddie: 1,000 Days Of Agony - The Sun 28-01-10

Gloria Hunniford and Fiona Phillips join McCanns at fundraiser to mark '1,000 days of agony' since Maddie vanished - Daily Mail 28-01-10

Kate McCann Trying To 'Move Forward' On 1,000th Day - Telegraph 28-01-10

Candles Mark Madeleine McCann's 1,000 Days Missing - BBC 28-01-10

'Nothing Has Changed Since That Terrifying Night' - Leicester Mercury 28-01-10

Flames Keep Hope Alive On 1,000th Missing Day - Leicester Mercury 28-01-10

Madeleine McCann Gone 1000 Days - Liverpool Echo 28-01-10

Madeleine '1000 Days' Lanterns Spark Alert - Northern Times 28-01-10

'It feels wrong to be coping' – McCanns mark 1,000-day hunt for Madeleine - The Scotsman 28-10-10

Missing child story on Coronation Street likened to Madeleine McCann case - Daily Record 28-01-10

McCanns re-live their 1,000 days of heartbreak The McCanns at a function in London last night in aid of the search for Madeleine, left - Irish Independent 28-01-10

Amanda Sticks To The Case Of Missing Maddy - 28-01-10

Jan 29

Madeleine: 1,000 days and still missing - Algarve Resident 29-01-10

Peters terror at lost son - The Sun 29-01-10

Jan 30

Why we must never give up looking for Madeline McCann - Daily Mirror 30-01-10

Jan 31

Madeleine McCann donations dramatically fell in just one year - Sunday Mirror 31-01-10

Comic's £45,000 Turn For Maddie - Sunday Express 31-01-10

[No title - Coronation Street Storyline] - Sunday Express 31-01-10

Sleuth: I Can Find Maddie - Daily Star Sunday 31-01-10
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