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Date Posted:09/02/2012 7:09 AMCopy HTML

Now I remember what I did before I started on the videos...over 150 Timelines/Timetables!

Here are a few for Thursday but there will be more in the Categories below.

[b]Title: Tennis Timetable (and more) from Statements[/b]

[b]Title: Gerry & Kate THURSDAY May 3rd Timetable[/b]

[b]Title: Thursday MAY 3rd (Updated Feb 2010)[/b]

[b]Title: May 3rd Thursday - Hourly Timeline Comparison[/b]

[b]Title: May 3rd Timeline & Info[/b]


[b]Category: Comparison Timetables[/b] 8 threads

[b]Category: All Timetables[/b] 22 threads

[b]Category: Creche Records / Timeline[/b] 22 threads

[b]Category: Tennis Timetable & Statements[/b] 3 threads

[b]Category: The Holiday[/b]   7 threads

[b]Category: Thursday May 3rd 10.00pm - 4.00am[/b] 4 threads

[b]Category: Thursday May 3rd[/b] 8 threads

[b]Category: Weekly Combination[/b] 3 threads

[b]Category: T9 Early Statement Timetables[/b] 14 threads

[b]Category: Timetables from ROGATORY interviews[/b]  10 threads

[b]Category: Timetables from GUESTS statements[/b] 6 threads

[b]Category: Timetables from POLICE statements[/b]  2 threads

[b]Category: Timetables of SPECIFIC TIMES/ACTIVITIES[/b] 10 threads

[b]Category: Calendar Timetables[/b] 22 threads

[b]Category: Staff Rota and Statements Timelines Tapas/Millenium[/b]  9 threads

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